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Seismic Cable

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LGT3622 Seismic Cable
LGT3622 Seismic Cable


Seismic cable LGT3622 is used to connect all the geophones which record the seismic waves resulting from either Vibroseis or dynamite when recording seismic data. 

This is basically setting off a sound wave and then recording the time and path it takes to bounce off the rock layers (strata) below. A great number of these "seismic events" can be used to map the strata and structures deep underground to detect faults, oil and gas accumulations, salt domes, etc. 



Seismic Cable

Number of Channel

24 channels

Connector Type

61 pins (it can be switched to 61 holes, or 55 pins, or 55 holes.

Cable OD

9.2mm (52 cores)


Kooter Take-out


Customized Length


Customized Length

Working Temperature

-40 to 70

  Other Parameters:

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